Costs associated with South Kerry Greenway expected to exceed €20 million

The costs associated with the South Kerry Greenway are expected to exceed €20 million.

This was revealed during the seventh day of An Bord Pleanála’s oral hearing into the proposed 32-km greenway, which has arisen following failure between Kerry County Council and nearly 200 landowners to agree on land acquisition.

The local authority is seeking to acquire 222 land holdings through a compulsory purchase order.

This afternoon, Conor Culloo, Senior Engineer with Kerry County Council, told the oral hearing that the estimated capital cost of the proposed greenway is nearly €14 million.

However, this figure only includes construction costs.

According to figures provided by Kerry County Council, the overall costs for the CPO/land acquisition, design and professional fees, accommodation works – along with the construction costs – total €20.6 million.

Of this total, design and planning costs are just under €1 million, a similar figure to the cost of accommodation works.

Costs for the controversial CPO and land acquisition are expected to be nearly €5 million: Over €4 million will be provided for the cost of the land, while €845,000 will be spent on professional fees in relation to the CPO.

There are also annual maintenance costs of €75,000 per year, along with a branding cost of €100,000 in the first year.