Cost of running UHK increases by €21 million over a five-year period

The cost of running University Hospital Kerry increased by €21 million over a five-year period.

This is according to the hospital’s financial reports, which contain information on staff pay, office expenses and the cost of medicines.

Following a Freedom of Information Act request, UHK released its financial reports for 2014-2018 inclusive, which outlined the hospital’s income and expenditure.

Staff-related costs accounted for over €68m in 2018; this was up nearly €13m on five years previous.

Of the €68m staff costs, over €7.6m was paid for agency staff in 2018.

Drugs and medicines cost €7.1m, surgical supplies were €5.8m and office expenses were nearly €1.5m.

Total expenditure in 2018 was €107m, up from €85m in 2014.

UHK also has a number of income sources, including private charges, in-patient charges and emergency department charges; these totalled €13.7m in 2018, meaning UHK had a net expenditure of over €94m that year.