Coroner says farm death in Currow was neither preventable nor foreseeable

An inquest into the death of a farmer in an accident in east Kerry earlier this year has heard that the incident was neither preventable nor foreseeable. Coroner Terence Casey made the comments while hearing evidence in the case of the fatal accident which claimed the life of Currow man, Teddy Brosnan last May. Coroners Court The inquest heard that Timothy ‘Teddy’ Brosnan was erecting concrete shuttering with his son on a new shed on his farm on 7th May 2014. The 59 year-old was putting a piece of shuttering in place when it began to fall towards him and pinned him to the ground. His son, also Timothy, was on a loader about 25 feet away and rushed to his father’s aid. He tried to prop up the shuttering with an Acro Bar but the weight of the shuttering had caused fatal injuries. In the post mortem report presented to the inquest, the cause of death was given as an industrial accident in which Mr Brosnan had sustained several traumatic injuries. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death in accordance with the finding of the post mortem. Coroner Terence Casey sympathised with the family. He said there had been an unfortunate increase in the number of farm deaths around the country, many of which were preventable. In this case, however, Mr Casey said that the accident was neither preventable nor foreseeable.