The Corncrake – August 7th, 2019

On In Conversation this week Joe McGill broadcasts ‘The Corncrake’ documentary: There are certain sights and sounds that remind us of a summer in Kerry. The sound of Munster Football final day in Fitzgerald’s stadium and the sight of King Puck raised above all his loyal subjects in Killorglin all remind us that summer is here in the Kingdom in all its glory. Years ago, a certain sound was heard in meadows and fields of Kerry that reminded its people that summer had indeed arrived for them. The kerrx-kerrx sound of the Corncrake has been compared with two cheese-graters rubbed together, producing a sound so monotonous as to qualify the bird as the world’s worst singer. In this documentary produced by Joe McGill and Connie Broderick we will discover the history of this bird and its relationship with rural Ireland.