Convicted sex offender who’d lived in Kerry sentenced for breaching child protection order

Photo: Henry J Lyons Architects

A convicted sex offender, who had lived in Kerry, has received a partially suspended prison sentence for repeatedly breaching a child protection order.

UK citizen Anthony Luckwill, aged 45, has a history of claiming to be involved in the production of films, and as far back as 1999 he had set up a child acting agency in Kerry.

He has numerous convictions for possession of child pornography in Ireland and in Wales.

In July 2012 a court imposed 16 orders against Anthony Luckwill as part of child protection measures introduced in the Sex Offenders Act 2001.

These included forbidding him from posing as a film director or journalist in search of child subjects.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that in November 2016 Mr Luckwill approached a woman in Longford, told her he was involved in modelling, and encouraged her to send her two young sons for auditions.

He rented a premises in Longford on the pretence of running a business, and when local gardaí became aware of this, they approached and searched him.

They found an electronic device which contained 104 images of young boys in their underwear; Mr Luckwill admitted he breached the 2012 court order by having these.

Judge Pauline Codd imposed a two-year prison sentence and suspended the last six months.

She said the most serious breach was Mr Luckwill presenting himself as someone with contacts in modelling, because it involved seeking access to children.