Contunity IRA speak out on defacing of property in Ballylongford

The Kerry Command of the Continuity IRA say that they have completed an investigation into the defacing of property in the Ballylongford area. In a statement issued to Radio Kerry News, the group says that several members have now been dismissed from the republican movement. Several properties in the Ballylongford area were defaced with Contuniuity IRA slogans last May.At the time a statement was issued by the Kerry Command of the Contuinity IRA, condeming the action and saying that an inquiry would be carried out to ascertain the names of those responsible. The group now says that those responsible have been identified. In a statement issued to Radio Kerry News using a recognised code word, it claims that the defacing was carried out under the instructions of a local man and with the assistance of others from the Midlands and Dublin. It says that these have now been dismissed from the Republican movement.The Continuity IRA say they wish to apologise to the people of Ballylongford whose homes and business premises were defaced, and warn that anyone using the name of the Continuity IRA without approval or authorisation will be subject to what they describe as “direct military action”. The statement ends by saying that resistance to the British presence shall continue in a controlled and disciplined fashion, warning that there will be no decommissioning, no ceasefires and no surrender by the group.