Controversy over legal ownership of documents from West Limerick industrial school resolved

A controversy over the legal ownership of documents from a West Limerick industrial school appears to have been resolved.

There was a dispute over the documents of involving the Christian Brothers who ran Glin Industrial School and a former resident.

Former resident of Glin Industrial School, Tom Wall, said he saved documents from being burned in 1973 and was given permission by the Christian Brothers’ superior at the time to keep them.

Mr Wall lodged the records with the University of Limerick where he wants the documents preserved for future generations.

He said the Christian Brothers had sought the original documents, rather than copies and legal action was threatened.

Deputy Niall Collins says he has spoken to Brother Edmund Garvey, European Province Leader of the Christian Brothers, whom he says has no interest in engaging in legal action.

In a letter to Deputy Collins, Brother Garvey writes were the Christian Brothers to be provided with appropriate copies of the Glin documents for their archive, they would have no objection to the original papers being donated to UL or to the State.

Niall Collins says this is a welcome change in the order’s position and hopes that the matter will soon be settled to the satisfaction of all.