Controversial homes in Kenmare gets planning permission.

Permission has been granted for two controversial homes in Kenmare. Both were the subject of court actions after being built without planning permission. The Lovett case which went all the way to the Supreme Court now looks to be resolved after planning was granted to retain the first story of their house. While the Wharton family has been granted permission to build on a separate site to their original application.The Lovett family began building their house after a section 140 was passed by members of Kerry County Council. Clarification was sought from the Supreme Court when a section 140 becomes active after the council sought a demolition order. In an affidavit lodged with the court the applicant`s mother Sheila Lovett alleged Cllr Michael Healy Rae encouraged them to continue with the construction claiming did you ever hear of a house being knocked.Under the terms of their planning permission the second story of the house which has been built to roof level will have to be demolished. Meanwhile planning has been granted to the Wharton family on an alternative site to the one where the unauthorized development took place. Kerry County Council sought a demolition order for the Wharton`s house in the Circuit Court and it`s understood the intention is to continue with this action. A commencement notice for the Wharton`s house is to be issued in the next month. However they’re likely to be disappointed that the original house has to come down.