Consultant fears University Hospital Kerry will be downgraded

There are fears University Hospital Kerry will be downgraded.

That’s according to a consultant at the hospital, Dr Martin Schranz.

Last week it emerged that UHK consultants were warning they can’t continue to operate at current staffing levels and urgent action is needed.

The consultant board also met with the CEO of the South/South West Hospital Group to convey their concerns about the number of consultants leaving the hospital.

Dr Schranz, who’s a consultant radiologist, believes University Hospital Kerry will end up being downgraded to a level two hospital because it won’t have the necessary staff.

Despite numerous requests, the South/South West Hospital Group has yet to comment publicly on the matter.

Dr Martin Schranz says he received a letter from the HSE’s National Director of Human Resources about emails where he raised concerns with colleagues about University Hospital Kerry.

He feels he’s being reprimanded and that he shouldn’t be silenced.