Construction of Killarney by-pass only solution to traffic congestion

Domnick Walsh

The construction of the Killarney by-pass is the only solution to ease traffic congestion on approach to the town.

That’s according to Kerry County Council, when responding to a motion by councillor Maura Healy-Rae.

She asked the council about the provision of filter lanes on either side of the road between the Cleeny and Liebherr roundabouts to ease congestion.

Cllr Maura Healy-Rae suggested filter lanes would relieve the constant gridlock of traffic in the area which she says is choking the town of Killarney.

The traffic issues are attributed to the capacity of the Cleeny roundabout, its 5 exits and the volume of traffic on all approaches.

Kerry County Council says filter lanes would not improve traffic flow and would compromise the safety of road users exiting the supermarket, which is located within 120 metres of the roundabout.

The council says the only effective solution at this location would be to construct the Killarney by-pass which would remove significant traffic volumes on the Cork to Tralee route.