Concern is expressed at level of pollutants in Lough Currane

Waterville Fisheries Development group is to lobby councillors over the level of pollution into Lough Currane in South Kerry. Concern has been expressed over the level of pollutants in the lake by locals in the area. A section 12 has recently been issued to a group in Waterville ordering them to watch their pollutant levels. The Council says they have received information that they had requested from a group and are continuing to monitor the situation.If the group fail to meet the requirements of the section 12 then legal action may be taken by the council. John Murphy is a member of The Fisheries Development lobby, he says they are writing to all county councillors to ask them to apply pressure on The Council to help in their campaign against pollution levels increasing at The Lough. Lough Currane is one of the most popular games fishing lakes in Europe and is a large part of the local tourist economy. John Murphy says they are asking The Council to help them protect their industry.