Concern in west Kerry at decline of Irish language in schools

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Parents in west Kerry are expressing concern at the decline of Irish within the school system there. An information meeting is to be held in the Gaeltacht for parents who are supportive of Gaeltacht education through the medium of Irish. This meeting is being organised by parents in the Gaeltacht who are worried that the Irish language is no longer their first language in schools.They say they are drawing their opinion from a recent study commissioned by the educational council for Gaeltacht and Irish medium schools. It has indicated that it`s unlikely that very few primary or second level schools will still be teaching through Irish in twenty years time.One of the organisers of the meeting Roibeard O Heartain says in west Kerry they are a number of problems such as the lack of Irish speaking teachers, a lack of Irish speaking remedial teachers, and parents who are not interested in speaking the language to their children. There is also disquiet that the results of the upcoming plebiscite may leave the location of the new school outside of the Gaeltacht. The newly formed group entitled “Tuismitheoiri Gaeltachta” are inviting parents to attend the meeting oideachas langhaeilge sa ghaeltacht”.