Concern expressed at smell of sludge from treatment plant

Children in the Killarney area have gotten physically sick from the smell of sludge spread on farmland according to Councillor Brendan Cronin. Serious concern is being expressed about the stench from the sludge that allegedly comes from the Killarney waste water treatment plant. Cllr Cronin says that a number of residents have experienced severe discomfort because the slurry was spread close to their homes and bed and breakfasts.The Killarney waste water plant produces about 350 tonnes of dry sludge each year. The sludge is transported by vacuum tanker to 10 different farms around the Killarney area for use as fertiliser. Since 2002, a nutrient management plan has had to be prepared for each the 10 farms on which sludge is spread, soil is analysed and levels of phosphate and potassium are measured. However, a spokesperson for Kerry County Council says only three such management plans have been prepared so far and work on the remaining seven is underway. Councillor Gleeson who raised the issue during Environment Minister Martin Cullen`s visit to Killarney is asking that no slurry be spread in the immediate vicinity of Lough Guitane. This lake is the source of the public water supply for much of the county.