Concern at lack of resources at Tralee General Hospital

Consultants at Tralee General Hospital have expressed deep concern at a lack of resources being made available to them. In a letter to all GP’s in the county they have requested a meeting to discuss the funding crisis at Tralee. The three consultants in Tralee admit over 5,000 acute patients a year – this is 2,000 more than comparable hospitals of similar sizes.Medical consultants wrote to GP`s after concerns were raised at growing delays in getting patients seen at Tralee General. Part of the problem appears to be consultant doctor numbers are stagnant while patient numbers have exploded. Privately GP`s claim the hospital is starved of funds and the summer bed closures will make the situation worse.Consultant doctors are aware of GP`s concerns but are reliant on the health bord for more doctors and greater funding. Meanwhile Consultant Surgeon Tom Mc Cormack has lambasted the North Kerry TD Tom MacEllistrom for a poor performance in the area of health. Mr Mc Cormack claims Deputy MacEllistrom is out of touch with the issue and is unaware of how bad the situation has become at the hospital. A spokesperson for Deputy MacEllistrom says he has asked the Minister for Health to investigate Mr Mc Cormacks concerns.