Community outside Killarney appeals for funding to repair over 4km of road


A community outside Killarney has appealed for funding to repair over 4km of road.

Residents from Ballydunlea, Ballyhar addressed members of the Killarney Municipal District, regarding the condition of the L11020 Ballydunlea Road.

The deputation from Ballyhar says there are 26 properties, nine farms and over 100 people along the 4km stretch.

They claim it’s been nearly 40 years since the road was repaired and trees are so overgrown they’re touching over the middle of the road.

Resident Edward O’Sullivan says “the council hasn’t spent a bob” on the road, and all repairs and maintenance is undertaken by local landowners.

Councillor Brendan Cronin, who brought the deputation, says the road is frequently used as a diversion route when the N22 is closed, and the road has long been forgotten by the local authority.

In response, Area Engineer John Ahern says the road will be considered for the next roads program, however, a full restoration project would take nearly one quarter of the municipal district’s annual budget.

Councillor Cronin says even a smaller amount of funding would transform the lives of those who live along the route.