Cluas Chiarrai Part 6: Tom O Sullivan

Photo: Iain White Photography

Kerry is a feeling that awakens your senses and emotions. What are the sounds associated with the county? Cluas Chiarrai is something very special that has not been done on radio in Kerry or in Ireland. Our listener’s sounds of Kerry are recorded in 3D. To feel and hear the ear of the Kingdom in glorious 3D you must wear good quality headphones.

Tom O Sullivan is a Kerry Beekeeper representing the Collis Sandes Beekeeper association. In this piece he discusses the importance of Pollinating Bees for the larger ecosystem, and the unique sounds they create. He also talks about how Kerry is a unique environment for Bees and how he believes it produces the best honey the world!

This piece was recorded and edited by David Sheehan.

Cluas Chiarrai was a joint production of the students of the Radio Broadcast and Digital Journalism Traineeship 2018-2019

It won an IMRO Gold Radio Award for Short Feature, and an IMRO Bronze Radio Award for Digital & Social Innovation

The participating students are as follows (listed alphabetically):
Amanda Balfe
Shane Corkery
Lloyd Fitzgibbon
David Lehane
James McAulliffe
Linda McAulliffe
Dara O Cinnéide
Barry O Donnell
Shane O Mahony-Moore
Daniel O Sullivan
Sean Powers
David Sheehan
Heather Sheehan-Corkery
Aaron Shrub
Ricky Travers