Cllr says Castleisland graveyard flood relief works will be done with or without council approval

The council has been told that works to alleviate flooding at a Castleisland graveyard will be done with or without its approval.

Independent Councillor Charlie Farrelly raised concerns about flooding at Kilbannivane graveyard at the December meeting of Kerry County Council.

The meeting heard that the issue has been ongoing for over 30 years.

Councillor Farrelly asked Kerry County Council to place an underground tank adjacent to Killannivane graveyard, which would pump flood water away from the graves and into an adjacent field.

He said permission had been given by the landowner to do so.

The Independent councillor said if the council was stuck for money, the people of Castleisland would fundraise to carry out the works.

Director of Roads with Kerry County Council Charlie O’Sullivan said they acknowledges there is flooding in the graveyard.

He says an extensive study of this area has been carried out and all the works which were identified have now been completed, this includes the construction of three non-return valves; the council will monitor the effectiveness of these works.

Councillor Charlie Farrelly didn’t accept the reply and said the works will be carried out with or without the council’s approval.

He said the council could take him to court or to jail if necessary.

Charlie O’Sullivan told Cllr Farrelly that any works would require approval of the council.