Claims there’s a fundamental unfairness at heart of South Kerry Greenway CPO

It’s claimed there’s a fundamental unfairness at the heart of the South Kerry Greenway CPO.

Barrister Michael O’Donnell, representing the Greenway Information Group, has outlined his clients’ objections to the compulsory purchase order for lands along the 32-km route from Glenbeigh to Renard.

Kerry County Council is seeking to acquire 222 plots of land for the proposed greenway through a CPO.

This morning, barrister Michael O’Donnell outlined his clients’ objections: he claimed the need for the greenway has not been established; selected lands are not suitable; the proposal is in contravention of the County Development Plan; and the route was pre-determined from the outset.

He also claimed that details provided makes it impossible to analyse of the potential impacts of scheme; there’s vagueness in what’s being proposed; and incorrect procedures have been adopted so far.

The barrister said each individual one is sufficient for board not to confirm the CPO.

In an effort to highlight the constitutional right to own property, Mr O’Donnell also referenced previous decisions in the High and Supreme Courts where landowners’ claims were upheld.

He also said there’s a fundamental unfairness at the heart of this matter; as way of evidence, he pointed to the relatively large expertise and financial resources available to Kerry County Council in comparison to the Greenway Information Group’s.

Mr O’Donnell said many of his clients had to leave their farms or places of work this morning to accommodate the local authority, a body which is seeking to “extinguish their right to own land.”