Claims that private road repairs list won’t be cleared until 2043

It will be 2043 before many private roads in Kerry are properly repaired and upgraded as part of a publicly funded scheme. That’s according to one county councillor who has called for a reinstatement of an appropriate yearly budget for the Local Improvement Scheme. It was claimed in the Seanad recently that a private road in Killarney had cost locals €75,000 to repair last year. Cllr Brendan Cronin told a meeting of Kerry County Council that since the budget for the Local Improvement Scheme had been reduced by the government, many roads were in a deplorable state. Brendan Cronin 1 He said the scheme – which sees public money used to enhance private roads – saw just five projects completed last year. At this rate, it would be 2043 before the current list of applications was cleared. Cllr Michael Gleeson said that the Local Improvement Scheme had transformed rural Ireland and it was one of the most cost-effective programmes he had ever come across. Elsewhere, during a debate on roads in the Seanad, Labour senator, Lorraine Higgins said that in 2013, a private road servicing family homes in Killarney cost an estimated €75,000 to repair. She said this was very expensive for any one family or group of families given that many private roads are used by members of the public.