Claims contract criminals hired to carry out hits as part of ongoing Killarney feud

There are contract criminals being hired to carry out hits on people as part of an ongoing Killarney feud.

That’s according to manager of  the Kerry Traveller Health Community Development Project,  Brigid Quilligan.

She also alleges that children have been armed with weapons as part of the ongoing feud.

She was speaking following the suspected petrol bomb attack on a home in Ballyspillane early this morning.

The manager of the Kerry Traveller Health Community Development Project says there are allegations that someone was hired to carry out this morning’s attack.

Brigid Quilligan says there is a lot of hurt involved but says such actions must stop.

She says there have also been allegations that criminals have been ordered to carry out hits.

Brigid Quilligan has also condemned the impact such feuds are having on children.

She says it is not acceptable to be involving children in feuds, adding arming children with weapons is not right.