Claims a caravan park in the county is being used for emergency accommodation

It’s claimed a caravan park in the county is being used for emergency accommodation.

Kerry County Council says it’s unable to answer queries relating to housing assistance payments to individuals residing there.

In response to a parliamentary question from Fianna Fáil TD John Brassil, the Department of Social Protection said rent allowance is being paid to some residents in the caravan park.

It added that those receiving rent allowance can choose their own accommodation.

Councillor Michael O’Shea asked the council if accommodating long-term residents was in contravention of the park’s planning conditions.

If this is the case, the Fianna Fáil councillor said he considers it unusual for the state to be paying a facility which is unauthorised.

Director of Services with Kerry County Council John Breen says rent allowance is managed by the Department of Social Protection, not the local authority.

He added more time was required to address the councillor’s concerns about the alleged contravention of planning conditions.

Councillor O’Shea did add it’s unfair on residents forced to reside there due to the national housing shortage; he said many residents don’t have transport and the nearest primary care centre is over 13km away.