Claim of inaction regarding deer causing crashes in Killarney

A group which is campaigning to keep Killarney road users safe from deer says gardaí need to be able to officially log if a deer has been involved in a road incident.

Gillian Hughes’s sister Paula O’Shea was killed in a crash in Fossa 13 years ago.

Although it’s never been proven they were the cause of the tragedy, deer were seen on the road close to the time of the crash.

Ms Hughes says at present, when gardaí log road incidents, there’s no specific category for crashes or near-misses involving deer.

Gillian Hughes is part of a group that’s been formed to address the problem of road accidents being caused by deer from Killarney National Park.

Another member of the group is Donal Moroney whose partner Susan von der Geest was killed in a crash five years ago.
Mr Moroney says 13 deer were seen in the crash location at the time of the tragedy, although there’s no evidence the animals were the cause.
Gillian Hughes, whose sister Paula died in  similar circumstances, says there’s no data concerning deer in Killarney and their possible role in causing crashes.
Ms Hughes says at present, gardai log crashes or near misses involving deer under a general category involving all animals.
She says a specific category for deer needs to be created and this would help to establish the extent of the problem.
Speaking to Jerry O’Sullivan on Kerry Today, Ms Hughes also claims there’s been inaction by the authorities.