Claim that East Kerry road is so bad it constitutes a criminal offence

Michael Gleeson (St. Kerry Ind. Alliance) Photo By : Domnick Walsh / Eye Focus LTD ©

It’s claimed a road in East Kerry is so bad that walking it constitutes a criminal offence.

Today’s meeting of the Killarney Municipal District received a deputation from residents of Gortdromakeerie, Rathmore, who claim the L11078 roadway is in dire need of resurfacing.

The members of Killarney Municipal District were told 35 homes are situated on the 3.1 kilometres stretch of road, and over 70 vehicles use the route a number of times daily.

Gortdromakeerie resident Margaret O’Donoghue says the last resurfacing works took place in the 1970s, and since then the road has fallen into utter disrepair.

She adds people in the area have “served their turn and deserve a break”.

Councillor Michael Gleeson, who brought the deputation, urged the council to commit funding towards repairing the road in Rathmore.

He adds merely “walking the road constitutes a criminal offence,” as it puts lives in danger.

In response, Kerry County Council says the L11078 route will be added to its roads programme, however, no commitment can be made in relation to when works would be carried out.