Church criticised for sending Eamonn Casey away from Ireland

By Trocaire (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Flickr

The Church has been criticised for sending Eamonn Casey away from Ireland.

The former Bishop of Kerry and Galway passed away yesterday afternoon at the age of 89.

Public relations consultant Frank Lewis, who worked closely with the Dr Casey, says the Church was wrong to force him to leave the country after news broke that he fathered a child with Annie Murphy; Mr Lewis also believes Bishop Casey was wrong to leave.

He feels if the former Bishop stayed and admitted his wrongdoings, then there would have been forgiveness from a lot of people of Kerry.


Parish Priest of Castleisland, Fr Dan O’Riordan feels the late Eamonn Casey should also be recognised for the good that he did.

While he concedes that people were shocked and hurt about the missing funds and the fact that he fathered a child, his good work should be acknowledged.