Central Statistics office release figures.

Almost 800 people got married in the county last year. That`s according to figures released from the central statistics office. This is the second highest rate of registered marriages in Munster. A total of 3000 marriages were recorded in the Southern Health Board region in 2003. Over half of births registered in Kerry last year were by mothers under 25.The Southern Health Board had the second highest number of registered births outside of marriage in the country. However there is a large difference in figures between the southern health board and the eastern regional health board figures which has by far the highest rate in the country. 4 children under 1 year died last year in the county. The same number of neo natal fatalities, babies under 28 days occurred in Kerry in 2003.Nationally more males were born in the county than females, which is an increase of almost 1000 on last year. Last years total is 28% higher than in 1994. There were 295 deaths from injuries received in car accidents, including non traffic accidents around the country