Catholic primary schools in Diocese of Kerry open on January 6th

For the first time, in living memory, Catholic primary schools in the Diocese of Kerry will be open on January 6th. The date in the Christian calendar is the Feast of the Ephiphany,  a holy day of obligation in the Catholic Church. Schools under Catholic management are traditionally closed on this date. diocese-of-kerry-parishes The Catholic Bishop of Kerry, Dr Ray Browne says it’s their practice to encourage schools where possible to close on January 6th. But he said because of  the Department of Education’s position on the standardisation of the school year, schools are to reopen on January 5th next. The Catholic Primary School Managment Association suggested that schools would remain on Christmas break until January 7th but agreement was not reached. As a result, schools in the Diocese of Kerry closed on another holy day in the Christian calendar, December 8th last. Next year, schools will remain open on December 8th and on January 6th, 2016 they will be asked to close.