Castleisland sludge pit contents to be tested by EPA.

The contents of a massive sludge pit in Castleisland have been sent to the EPA for testing. The sludge pit is believed to contain chemical waste from a pharmaceutical plant in Cork. A Castleisland company had been treating the sludge under licence, but since the company went into liquidation the material is lying untreated.Raising the matter with council officials Cllr Billy Leen said the fumes from the pit are so bad residents in the area cannot open thier windows. He said 150 families are living in the vicinity and he called on the council to act on the waste immediately. According to the council they are in the process of analyzing the material and once complete they will act on removing it. Director of services Oliver Ring says they hope to complete the removal by early may. He said no decision will be made on the disposal method until tests are complete. However Cllr Leen expressed concern that it will be taken to the landfill and could pose a threat. He was warned by the County Manager about scaremongering and creating a climate of fear on the issue. The Manager said the sludge will be disposed of using best practice.