Castleisland man faces deportation from Canada over air rage

A Castleisland man, whose air rage caused a transatlantic flight to be diverted thousands of miles from its destination, is facing deportation from Canada. David McAuliffe from Glounsharoon in Castleisland was arrested by city police in Winnipeg last Saturday after a British Airways flight crew had to forcibly restrain him when he flew into a rage after being refused alcohol service. McAuliffe pleaded guilty to mischief and failing to comply with the directions of a flight crew and was fined $2,000, and ordered to pay $15,500 to British Airways to divert the flight from London which was destined for the U.S. The court in Winnipeg heard David McAuliffe, an area manager with Intel, was recently promoted and was on his way to Phoenix for a training seminar. Unfortunately, a crippling fear of flying made the trip a horrifying prospect, according to his lawyer Gerri Wiebe. The court heard Mr. McAuliffe started drinking a full day before his flight. Once on board he popped two milligrams of Valium, which he mixed with several glasses of wine. The accused became belligerent when flight attendants finally cut off his alcohol service. McAuliffe threatened and swore at airline staff, slapped another passenger and threatened the man’s wife before he was finally restrained and tied to his seat. Judge Robin Finlayson described McAuliffe’s behaviour as “abhorrent