Case against Brian Curtin adjourned untill April.

The case against Brian Curtin has been adjourned until the 20th of April. Today’s decision at Tralee Circuit Court followed an application by the solicitor for the accused who said he needed more time to examine the images being used in the case against his client. Brian Curtin is charged with knowingly possessing child pornography under the Child Trafficking and Pornography Act.At today’s sitting of Tralee Circuit Court Solicitor Robert Pierce made an application to have his client’s case adjourned. He said the state had only made copies of the images being used in the case available to him this morning and it would take time for these to be examined. In October of last year Mr Pierce`s expert was provided with a computer disk containing the images but Mr Pierce said it will now take several weeks for these to be linked with the hard copies provided today.Mr Pierce presented the court with a file of detailed correspondence between his office and the State Solicitor and expressed his dissatisfaction with the amount of time it had taken for him to gain access to copies of the images. Chief prosecutor Catherine Irvine said Mr Pierce was offered a hard disk of the images in July of last year but that certain conditions had to be attached because of the nature of the case and the time lapse resulted from Mr Pierce accepting these conditions.Making his application for an adjournment mr pierce said his client was very anxious to have the case heard but that he had advised him that the defense must be prepared properly. Judge Carol Moran said an application concerning the images should have been made to the court earlier however considering the seriousness of the charges he granted the adjournment. The case will now be heard on the 20th of April and is expected to take up to 2 weeks.