Carlow Rose reveals on live TV show that both her parents battled heroin addiction

Carlow Rose Shauna Ray Lacey has spoken publicly about her parent’s struggles with addiction.

The twenty-four-year-old revealed during her TV interview last night, that her parents were both heroin addicts.

The Rose of Tralee contestant used the platform to inform others about the struggles that come hand-in-hand with addiction.

Shauna’s mother Angela is now four years clean, having undertaken the Lá Nua programme.

She was inspired to turn her life around when Shauna announced she was expecting her daughter Emmy.

Shauna’s father Francis passed away some years ago following heart complications.

The Carlow Rose hopes sharing her story will inspire people suffering from addiction:

Shana says she believes addiction is a disease and not a choice.

The Carlow Rose is urging any children whose parents are going through addiction, to avail of the resources available: