Calls for the provision of judge to deal with family law issues in Kerry full-time

Tralee Court - Radio Kerry News - EH

There are calls for the provision of a judge to deal with family law issues in Kerry on a full-time basis.

Last Thursday, 96 cases were on the list for the Family Court in the Tralee Courts Complex, with some cases ongoing since 2009.


Family law cases, such as those relating to child maintenance or child neglect, are heard in the District Court.

Carol Ann Coolican, Managing Solicitor in the Legal Aid Board, says the number of cases waiting to be heard regularly exceeds 100, and it’s a situation which cannot continue.

She says the sitting judge in Tralee, Judge David Waters, is doing everything in his power to clear the list, but more resources need to be allocated to the Family Law system to lessen the number of cases.

An interpreter who was present last Thursday says while the list has always been huge, it’s grown larger in recent times.

She adds a lot of the same faces are returning to the Family Court, due to adjournments.

Local Solicitor Padraig O’Connell echoes the call for the provision of a full-time judge to deal with family cases in the county, and he adds improved facilities are also required.