Calls for more structured approach to rural housing.

Housing policy in the county needs to look beyond individual proposals for houses according to the Chairman of the Royal Institute of Architects. James Pike made his remarks at the opening of an exhibition on housing in Kerry County Council. The aim of the exhibition is to display innovations in housing design for single houses and estates. Mr. Pike has called for a more structured approach to rural housing. He says the institute is concerned about the impact of septic tanks on the ground water. Sustainable developments that have the potential to support thriving rural communities are the way forward he says and the institute thinks one off housing will not achieve this goal. According to Mr. Pike one off housing places a huge strain on the ability to provide adequate infrastructure and community facilities. Ultimately he claims houses will become derelict and abandoned. Overall Mr. Pike says there is a need for a national policy to ensure the protection of ground water standards. This he says will benefit those living in the country side as well as the the future of agriculture, fishery and forestry.