Calls for clarity amid rumours asylum seekers to be based in Ballybunion

A Kerry councillor has called for clarification following persistent rumours in recent days that a large number of asylum seekers are to be located in Ballybunion. Robert Beasley. 1 Cllr Robert Beasley made the call amid speculation for several weeks that up to 180 asylum seekers could be headed for the north Kerry town. There’s been speculation on social media in recent days and weeks that a significant number of asylum seekers are to be accommodated in Ballybunion. The potential development is entirely separate to the accommodation of 12 refugee families from Lebanon who are due to arrive in Kerry in the coming days. They are due here under the resettlement programme for refugees displaced by the conflict in Syria and the wider Middle East. Sinn Féin councillor, Robert Beasley says that he has raised the matter with Kerry County Council and gardaí but that there hasn’t been proper clarification about what is happening. Cllr Beasley doesn’t believe that Ballybunion would be suitable for the accommodation of asylum seekers in any case: [audio_player src=””] A statement from Kerry County Council on the matter is expected shortly.