Call made for AHAR to apologise following Facebook abuse of nine-year-old

A call has been made for a Kerry animal charity to issue an apology following abuse some of its followers levelled at a nine-year-old girl on its Facebook page.

The issue arose after Macy McGonigle from Belfast had falsely claimed to have made a donation to Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) based outside Castleisland.

After the false claim was highlighted by AHAR, the girl was subjected to vile comments from the charity’s Facebook followers despite around fifty people pointing out the target was a child.

Subsequently, the charity issued a post on its Facebook page, saying it did not condone the negative comments made against the child.

The post has been removed.

In a statement today on their Facebook page the charity says no malice was intended by AHAR saying they do not condone cyber bullying.
AHAR says it can’t control opinions voiced by others but do delete and block negative comments once their team of volunteers sees them.

Charmayne Gourley from Pet Minder NI contacted the mother of the girl to warn that her daughter had become the target of abuse.

She compared the online behaviour to mob rule: