Call for the removal of current fish quota in the county.

A call has been made by the Irish South and West Fishermen`s Organization to remove the current fish quota system in the county. The organization which represents a large portion of fishermen in Kerry believes that the present requirements for quotas will force many vessels out of business. All fishing vessels in the county are allocated a monthly quota for each species. However if that quota is exceeded, the fishermen are prosecuted in the Circuit Court and can receive a fine of up to 120,000 euro and may have their catch and fishing gear confiscated. The Manager of the South and West Fisheries Organization Jason Whooley says fishermen in the county can not afford these penalties and many will lose their livelihood.Mr. Whooley says that the Irish quota system is well out of line with other E.U. member states. Last year 42 breaches of fisheries rules in the country were brought to court while in Spain just 4 out of 3,000 offences were prosecuted. The organization believes that if Kerry vessels are to receive fair treatment with other EU vessels fishing off the county`s waters then a review of the quota system is needed.