Call for suspension of Killarney National Park’s biosphere status

It’s been reported UNESCO has been asked to suspend Killarney National Park’s designation as a world biosphere reserve.
The Irish Examiner today reports the Irish Wildlife Trust has made the call to UNESCO on a number of grounds.
Concerns about the management of deer and woodlands have been allegedly cited, along grazing and threats of invasive species.
Killarney National Park received its designation in 1982 and is managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.
The Irish Examiner reports the Irish Wildlife Trust has complained on the grounds ‘lack of vigilance’ and has called for periodic reviews.
Controversy arose last month when it was claimed licences to shoot red deer in Killarney National Park had been sold to US hunters.
It’s alleged a stag was shot on October 7th by a tourist from the United States who had reportedly paid 5,000 to a commercial company to obtain what he thought was a legitimate licence.
Damien Hannigan of the Wild Deer Association told Radio Kerry News in this instance a permit granted to a landowner was in turn sold to a company.
He described the shooting as “a financial abusive of our national heritage”.