Call for council to reveal priority list of Local Improvement Scheme applications

There’s a call for Kerry County Council to reveal the priority list of applications for the Local Improvement Scheme.

The programme allows councils to carry out improvement works on private and non-publicly funded roads leading to multiple homes, farms, and amenities such as lakes, rivers or beaches.

There are over 800 applications for the scheme in Kerry, but all of these have yet to be fully assessed.

Last February, Kerry County Council said it had over 800 applications for Local Improvement Scheme funding.

In an update at this month’s meeting, the council revealed they’ve conducted an initial desktop validation of all applications, and have assessed between a third and half of them on the ground.

Funding received from central government earlier this year is allowing works to be completed on 27 schemes.

Based on that level of funding, the council is drawing up a two-year programme for 60 roads; they’re expecting to issue details of these by the end of October.

Cllr Brendan Cronin is outraged all applications haven’t yet been assessed, and that 60 are being chosen without all being looked at.

He says all applications used to be ranked, so people knew where their application was and how long they may have to wait; Cllr Cronin says it’s a disgrace this hasn’t happened.