Call to clamp down on littering by tenants in Tralee

Kerry County Council is being called on to clamp down on littering by tenants in Tralee.

Tralee Tidy Towns is making the appeal, as well as asking the council to work with them on cleaning up Castle Street.

Tralee Tidy Towns gave a presentation to the recent Tralee Municipal District meeting, saying there’s constant littering in certain areas of the town by tenants.

They’re asking that landlords be made responsible, and if the council has to undertake a clean-up that the cost be recouped from the landlord.

The voluntary group also says that the appearance of Castle Street is constantly brought to their attention, but they need Kerry County Council to contact building owners and tenants, and ask them to clean up and paint their premises.

They also note that the front of the county buildings would benefit from a makeover.

Director of Services for the council Michael Scannell says they’ll look at the uses of premises on Castle Street and Denny Street, and will try to increase occupancies, as well as getting owners to undertake work on the buildings.

He agreed that the council could showcase their headquarters better, adding they should be an example to all businesses.

He also thanked Tralee Tidy Towns for their work, saying they’ve had a transformative effect on the town.