Businesses hit by shortage of loading bay in Tralee town centre

A serious shortage of loading bays is disrupting business in Tralee town centre. That’s according to Kerry County Councillor Sam Locke, who says there aren’t enough loading bays in the town to facilitate the number of delivery vans who arrive in Tralee every day. Sam Locke 1Deirdre Walsh reports: [audio_player src=””] Councillor Locke’s comments come, after town centre trader Christy Lynch was issued with a 40 Euro fine on two occasions this week, for parking in a loading bay on Russell Street. Mr Lynch says he needs to use the bay to load items in and out of his van, and has never in three years been issued with a parking ticket. He says he won’t be paying the fines, and will be appealing the matter to the council. Councillor Locke, however, says Mr Lynch’s problem is indicative of a growing issue for businesses in the town centre: