Broadcasting Authority of Ireland rejects a complaint made by a Kerry priest

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has rejected a complaint made by a Kerry priest.

Moyvane parish priest Fr Kevin McNamara lodged a complaint with the BAI over comments made by a guest on The Late Late Show in January of this year.

On the 6th of January this year, Blindboy Boatclub of the Rubberbandits comedy duo described the host as “haunted bread” on The Late Late Show.

Fr Kevin McNamara wrote in the Moyvane parish newsletter at the time about being “hurt beyond words” at hearing the comments, and he subsequently wrote to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

RTÉ said it did not believe the comedian’s comments were sacrilegious but a linguistic phrase that encapsulates “The Holy Ghost” and Holy Communion to show his, and many of his generation’s, difficulty with Transubstantiation.

Having considered the broadcast and the submissions from the complainant and the broadcaster under the Code of Programme Standards, Principle 5, Respect for Persons, the BAI Committee rejected the complaint.

It was of the view that the programme, while evidently causing offence to some audience members, was editorially justified.

They add it did not infringe the principle of the BAI Code of Programme Standards dealing with respect for persons and groups in society.