Brian Crowley opposes carve up of Euro South Constituency.

Fianna Fail MEP Brian Crowley is opposing any attempts to carve up the Euro South Constituency between himself and Gerry Collins. He’s written to party members in Kerry saying the only way to retain their two seats is not to have a divide. The Fianna Fail National eExecutive is due to decide tonight the strategy for the June election.Minister John O`Donoghue, who’s the director of elections, has already suggested there should be a carve up. This could see poll-topper Brian Crowley confined to Cork while his running mate Gerry Collins has the run of the rest of the constituency. In the letter, which Radio Kerry news has seen, Brian Crowley rejects this idea and says he’ll guarantee to do everything to win two seats.He says Fianna Fail will need 50 per cent of the vote and he points to previous campaigns where no divide applied and says this must be the strategy this time. Should the National Executive impose canvassing boundaries, it’ll fall to Minister O`Donoghue to implement them.