Boil Water Notice issued for Cahersiveen after cryptosporidium found in supply

A boil water notice has been issued for Cahersiveen after the parasite cryptosporidium was detected in the supply.

The almost 1,400 people served are being advised that water must be boiled for drinking or use in the preparation of salads and other foods not cooked before eating.

Irish Water and Kerry County Council have notified customers supplied by the Cahersiveen Public Water Supply that a Boil Water Notice has been put in place due to the detection of the parasite cryptosporidium.

The Boil Water Notice is in effect for 1,370 people supplied by the scheme.

Irish Water and Kerry County Council acknowledge the impact and inconvenience, but say the Boil Water Notice has been put in place to protect public health.

Water must be boiled for drinking, drinks made with water, preparation of salads and similar foods which are not cooked prior to eating, brushing of teeth, and the making of ice.

The HSE has advised that tap water is safe to use for personal hygiene such as handwashing, bathing, and flushing of toilets.