Blennerville NS to extend ban on smart phones and social media apps

Blennerville National School is to extend its programme to bar the use of smart phones and social media apps to all classes.

The school delivered an 11-week pilot programme for sixth class pupils last April which was a huge success.

This November, the school will implement the programme among all pupils from junior infants up to sixth class.

The school will present pupils with a contract to sign voluntarily.

It will outline that each pupil will not use social media at home and outside of school hours during their time at the primary school.

The children will be allowed to use mobile phones to send text messages and to make phone calls.

Louise Brassil, deputy principal in Blennerville, says they plan to establish a committee of students in the school to help roll out the project and to get the pupils involved.

She adds that parents have been hugely supportive of the initiative which has helped with its success.

Well-known clinical psychologist David Coleman is also hugely impressed with the initiative and he will visit the school in November.