BirdWatch Ireland dispute Kerry councillors claims about birds nesting in roadside hedges

BirdWatch Ireland says it’s always in favour of debate surrounding hedge cutting. BirdWatch Ireland However Alex Copeland, Senior Consultant Officer with BirdWatch Ireland says Councillor Danny Healy-Rae’s assertions that birds don’t build their nests in roadside hedges aren’t necessarily true. During a debate on hedge cutting at Kerry County Council yesterday, Councillor Healy-Rae said a bird would be foolish to build her nest near a busy roadside because a “truck could pass by, blowing every feather off her and leaving her naked on the roadside.” Kerry county councillors have called for major changes to the law to allow roadside hedges and ditches to be cut back outside of the currently permissible timeframe. Section 40 of the Wildlife Act which places restrictions on the cutting of roadside hedges, is currently subject to a period of public consultation. Alex Copeland doesn’t wholly agree with Councillor Danny Healy-Rae’s claims: [audio_player src=””]