Bailey trial hears claims from ex-British soldier that Garda offered him cannabis

An ex-British soldier has told the High Court Gardai offered him clothes and cannabis to befriend Ian Bailey in a bid to find anything that would link the journalist to Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s murder. Martin Graham’s giving evidence in Mr Bailey’s action for damages against the State and Garda authorities for alleged wrongful arrest on suspicion of killing the French film producer in 1996. Martin Graham said he first met Ian Bailey after the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier when the journalist called to visit a friend in a house he was living in in Skibbereen. Public Domain Image He said Mr Bailey appeared very stressed and while he didn’t want to be seen as a rat he thought it his civic duty to report the incident to Gardai. He said he met with detectives  Liam Leahy and Jim Fitzgerald who came up with a crazy plan tht he would befriend Ian Bailey  to find anything that would link him to the French film maker- but he said when he turned up at the journalist’s house unannounced he was flatly turned away. Martin Graham said afterwards he told the detectives Ian Bailey needed to chill out and have a good smoke which led to him being given 7 ounces of hash which he smoked with friends at Kilcrohane festival. He said he thought at this point the police were pretty stupid. He said the detectives ‘weren’t really interested in the truth’