Average house price in Kerry is over €190,000

House prices in Kerry have increased in recent years, with the average house now costing over €190,000.

That is an increase of €45,000 since 2013, according to a report in today’s Irish Examiner.

The report says there are signs of recovery throughout the Munster housing market, adding that inflation is inconsistent throughout the region.

Growth is particularly strong in areas of Kerry where there is demand due to business and jobs.

Killarney and Tralee both show stronger growth compared to Listowel, while the Ring of Kerry and Dingle also showed quicker increases when compared to other parts of the county.

In 2018, the average cost of a home in Killarney is over €243,000, according to today’s report.

Rent prices in Killarney are among the highest recorded in Munster, with the average cost coming in at over €1,000.

Meanwhile in Tralee, houses cost more than €173,000 on average and it is costing people almost €900 to rent.

The average house price in Dingle is over €245,000 with the average rent coming at more than €930.