Atheist Ireland protesting outside Teachers’ Union of Ireland conference in Killarney

Atheist Ireland members are protesting outside the Teachers’ Union of Ireland conference in Killarney today.

The protest was organised following circular letters issued last year and due to the fact that students can’t opt out and pick another subject other than religious education.

Last year the Department of Education issued a directive to ETB schools stating that an alternative timetabled subject must be offered to students, if they opt out of religious studies.

The TUI and the Catholic Church objected to it, which resulted in the directive being reversed, according to the chair of Atheist Ireland Michael Nugent.

Mr Nugent also claims that some schools are also not allowing students to opt out of religion studies at all.

He says schools should have complied with the directive.



Atheist Ireland says it’s protest has received a positive response and the group has arranged to meet with TUI management to further discuss the issue this afternoon.