Assessments completed on over 800 Local Improvement Scheme applications

Kerry County Council has completed assessments on the over 800 applications for funding under the Local Improvement Scheme.

The programme allows councils to carry out improvement works on private and non-publicly funded roads leading to multiple homes, farms, and amenities such as lakes, rivers or beaches.

Independent Cllr Brendan Cronin raised a motion at the monthly meeting of the council, asking for the priority list to be revealed, saying there’s major public frustration, anger and disbelief at how long the process has taken.

In February last year, Kerry County Council said it had over 800 applications for Local Improvement Scheme funding, that it would assesses them all and draw up a programme of works.

Director of Services Charlie O’Sullivan says the assessments are now complete after an engineer inspected all roads, and that the priority list will be revealed to councillors this week, with the top 50 projects priced.