Ashes of deceased being stored on shelves due to lack of Kerry graveyard facilities

Photo: Pixabay

The ashes of deceased people are being stored on shelves and cabinets due to a lack of suitable facilities in Kerry graveyards.

That’s according to Independent Cllr Brendan Cronin.

In a motion at the monthly meeting of Kerry County Council, Cllr Brendan Cronin asked why the local authority had failed to recognise the urgent need to construct Columbarian Walls in cemeteries to address growing public demand.

He said the ashes of deceased people are being stored by undertakers and families while the council takes forever to make any progress; such a facility was to be constructed as part of the new burial ground in Killarney.

The motion was seconded by Labour Cllr Marie Moloney who said many people have ashes in their homes and while some are happy to keep them, others would like an appropriate facility.

Kerry County Council says it is aware of the need for such facilities and funding will be available for Tralee and Killarney as part of a loan for the development of burial grounds.

As it will be first of its kind in the county, the council said appropriate consideration had to be given to design, layout and setting.

The Killarney Burial Ground Columbarian Wall is due to be put out to tender before the end of this month.