Ardfert Quarries to pay €50,000 a year to KCC

Ardfert Quarries will have to pay 50,000 euro a year for the next fifteen years to Kerry County Council for infrastructural costs incurred as a result of the extension and use of the quarry site. The council will now receive 10 cent per tonne of material extracted from the site. The North Kerry business had to apply for retention and an extension of use following a crackdown by Kerry County Council on quarries operating outside their planning permission.Ardfert quarries applied to the council for permission to retain their existing quarry and expand their usage of the site. This was granted by Kerry County Council subject to 57 conditions. One of those asked that the quarry pay a sum of 100,000 euro to the council to help cover the cost of infrastructural improvements including road repair and upgrades. Ardfert Quarries argued that the local authority overstated their use of local roads and they too had carried out road works at their own expense.An Board Pleanala found that the business accounted for approximately one third of heavy goods vehicles in the area. Roads around the quarry were in reasonably good condition, but were not suitable for the intensive use they were being subjected to. However it was noted that the quarry did repair roads in the vicinity of its business. The Board ordered that the quarry pay half of the projected cost of 100,000 euro as estimated by Kerry County Council.